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Stories Transform Prospects into Customers

The Power of Stories

Have you ever wondered what gets a prospect to take action?

Successful Entrepreneurs agree, Prospects have to be convinced mentally and emotionally to take action. If their senses aren’t engaged, all the logic and reasoning in the world won’t persuade them to buy.

Stories overcome fear

How to disarm prospects’ conscious defenses? Storytelling is  a great start.

Stories help to overcome fear, and words have the power to transform prospect passivity – into action.

Stories can communicate a personal meaning to everyone who hears them. When this rapport exists, you can guide prospects through the process of finding the correct solution. Successful entrepreneurs know that stories have the power to create changes in attitudes and actions.

A speaker or writer that wins our trust understands the difference between how our conscious minds hear words and how our subconscious minds personalize those words.

Stories hold the prospect’s attention. Stories are a fundamental tool for the Internet, because it communicates a personal message to every individual prospect.

Offer testimony about your own experience with your product to build rapport. You have to provide product information and proof of the product’s benefits, in language that your prospects can relate to. Most of us are used to talking about features, but we often forget how important it is to be entertaining.

To separate yourself from the competition, you have to grab the reader’s attention and hold it until the end. Most sales letters throw too many distractions in the way of the message. Stories are the best way to get complex ideas across in a way, which people will remember.

Stories connect to personal experience

When you talk the language of your prospects, your stories connect your message to personal experience, in unforgettable ways. Listeners interpret a story in their own way, according to their own life experiences and psychological makeup. This is how your message becomes personalized.

As a home based business owner, you must convince a complete stranger to think in a new way. You must change the prospect before you can convince him to buy something from you.

You don’t reason with prospects in an attempt to convince their logical mind to buy your product. That never works. And you don’t use scare tactics, telling prospects all the bad things that may happen if they don’t buy.

How do you do it? You start by building trust and rapport with prospects—then you can lead them to receive your ideas.

Storytelling is the most effective way to build rapport with prospects. It doesn’t threaten and it doesn’t offend; It engages.

To Your Success!