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The Value of Being ‘Broke’ when getting Network Marketing Leads

In this post I want to share with you about the value of going broke searching for network marketing leads for your business. It’s not something I recommend, but if you’re already there, this might help you to take advantage of it…

The Highs and Lows of getting Network Marketing Leads

What would you say is the highest level of value in internet or network marketing, and what would you say is the lowest level?

Let’s say the lowest level is the point of no leads, no sales, no value – the point where everybody starts. By the way this is the point where 99% of everybody is at. If this is the low point or bottom rung on the ladder to Success, then endless leads must be the pinnacle.

Making the way to Network Marketing Leads

What would you say it takes to move up in success, just beyond the other 99%? I can tell you it takes focus, not on reaching the top but on making it to the next step. Think of the path to Success in internet and network marketing as a long staircase. Most people focus on reaching the top all at once, when they should simply be focused on climbing to the next step along the staircase which is simply getting those first Network Marketing Leads for your business.

How to increase your Network Marketing Leads with Value

There is a very simple process for increasing your value in the eyes of your marketplace. This process simply uses your last success, using your story of how you accomplished your previous ‘step’.

For example, the first ‘step’ can be called ‘the five leads step’ – the point where you get your first five leads. You have acquired a lead when someone gives you their email address.

So you’re probably asking “But how is being Broke, of any value?”

Remember that 99%, the point where everybody else is? Well, to those people – you are more successful than they are! When you tell the story of how you were broke, spent all your money on getting network marketing leads and never got any leads… you are very valuable to them! Why? Because You can tell them how to do what you did, which is come from being broke, to getting leads! Like I said, Success is a staircase of many steps, starting with getting leads.

To Your Value!

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