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Network Marketing script that works

Today I’ll finish the Network Marketing Script I started yesterday in my post on How to Grow Network Marketing Business. There, I presented the first two steps for greeting and qualifying prospects for your business. Now, let’s cover the final step of Inviting.

Any good network marketing script can teach you the basic language of inviting, but what helped me most was understanding the “agenda of inviting” which is a mindset of “How-to solve your prospects problems” using your business. Think of this mindset when planning your network marketing script and you will see much better results.

Network Marketing Script Agenda

Network Marketing people often get so enamored with finding a Network Marketing Script for getting the sale or a new rep that they forget to focus on the needs, wants, and “don’t wants” of the prospect. Try this agenda approach and see what happens:

So now that you’ve been able to greet the prospect properly and you’ve found out if they have a need, want, or “don’t want” that your business can fulfill, what’s next?

Now you start educating them on how Your Business can give them all that.  The critical step here is to use the information you’ve learned when you qualified your prospect – to map out your Agenda for helping them.

Here’s an example: Your prospect named John tells you they have always wanted to buy a sailboat and cruise the Caribbeans.

When you start to invite them, You say: “John, you know how you said you wanted to cruise the Caribbeans?” John says “Yes, why?” You say: “I’ve found something that I think will have you sailing the Caribbean sooner than you had hoped! Are you open to taking a look at it if it doesn’t interfere with what you’re already doing?”

Network Marketing Script “Magic”

Network Marketing ScriptKey point: Everyone is open, but no one is “interested” in looking at something that they don’t know anything about. IF you ask if they are “interested”, chances are good they will say no – always ask if they are “open”.

If they’re not open, they have a closed mind anyway so they just disqualified themselves.

If they ask “What is it?” always respond with an ending question that refers back to their needs, wants, and “don’t wants”. Something like “Do you like sailboats?”  When they say “yes, of course”, you say “Then you will love what this can do for you. But listen, I don’t want to leave out any of the details because I know how important that sailboat is to you. So Let me leave you an audio (or DVD or website) to listen (or watch) which covers everything. Fair enough?

At this point in your network marketing script, you would “Close to Action” and ask them how soon can they listen to (or read or watch) the material and plan a follow-up with them.  If you’re on the phone with them and they are near their computer, have them actually go to an online presentation and start it while you are on the phone with them, then have them pause it and plan a follow-up with you.

Simple as all that sounds, we all know that the dreaded questions and objections may hinder your progress. But believe it or not, objections are self-imposed!

If your prospect didn’t have self-imposed barriers to what they need, want, or “don’t want” they would already have what they want! Now,  it’s not a good idea to tell them about this! It’s the pink elephant in the room, so don’t talk about it.

You are going to need enormous compassion and patience with some prospects, but that’s why you make money – helping people overcome their limitations and achieve success.

Objections and questions are a big subject all by themselves! I’ll cover more on that in a later post…

To Your Empowerment!

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