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Search Engines Love this stuff

Search engines are actually pretty easy to please. Give them what they want, and they will love you forever. And while you may have started out scaring them away, they are really pretty forgiving too.

Search Engines will chase You!

Seriously, you don’t need special Gary Pool Seo Powers to get the search engines to stand up and embrace your posts. Here’s a simple 1-2-3 approach that I learned:

Search Engines love Titles and Headings

Starting with your title, pick a keyword and build a title around it. In this post my keyword is ‘Search Engines‘. You also need headings. Each heading must contain your keyword. Headings are html commands. if you’re using wordpress you can add headings into your post after you click the “HTML” tab in the posting commands window. Once you’re in html mode a heading simply has <h1>, <h2> or <h3> prefixing your heading line and </h1>, </h2> and </h3> ending it.

You need headings for h1, h2 and h3. <h1> is heading 1 and has a fairly large size.  For example my h1 heading looks like this when I add it in html mode: <h1>Search Engines will chase You!</h1> When I click the Visual tab, I see what you see in this post. And of course my h2 heading in html mode looks like this: <h2>Search Engines love Titles and Headings</h2>

Keywords make the Search Engines come around

Next, you must have your keyword throughout your post! Without, you’re just a tease to the search engines and they just ignore you. There are several opinions about just how much keyword density you should have, I usually keep my posts in a keyword density range of 2-4. There are many free tools to check yours – just google for ‘keyword density’ and you find something – or you could just take the lazy way and use a plug-in like I do.

You can also bold and italicize your keywords to make them stand out. Again, the plug-in does that for me.

Search Engines love images

Search Engines TipsMake sure to include an image, with an alt tag. In wordpress, you can click on the ‘Add an image’ icon and it will allow you to do that easily. Doing all these steps, SEOPressor says I score 94.44% (high) with a keyword density of 2.55%. Without the keyword in the title, without headings and image, I made a measly 61.11 score and 1.48 keyword density.

What could your blog bring in after you made these simple changes to your every day posts?

To Your Success with Search Engines!