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Home Based Business Customer Service

Why should a Home Based Business care about Customer Service?

Did you know that great customer service can create a customer evangelist?

They are the customers who are so excited about a product or service, or even just good customer service, that they tell others about it in comments on their own websites and blogs.

Your Home Based Businesses will grow faster when you create a base of “customer evangelists.”

When customers like your product so much that they want to tell the world about it, they start an informal “viral marketing” campaign. Never overlook the importance of great customer service, for making lifelong relationships between your company and a customer.

Customer Service Evangelists

Customer evangelists can grow into an awesome volunteer marketing force for your company.

How do you create customer evangelists? The key is to build a community of satisfied users around your website. These tips will help you get started:

  • Provide excellent customer service! Create a forum where satisfied customers can interact and share their experiences.
  • Get feedback from your customers and act on it.
  • Share your knowledge and expertise with customers.
  • Focus on continually improving your product or service.
  • Start blogging. Blogs help to build a community of users, and bloggers are often the best customer evangelists. When they like you, or hate you, they will start blogging about it!
  • Create press releases.

Customer Service Updates

Maintain continual feeds to media outlets in your field or industry with news of product launches and updates. When you do this, you can drive thousands of unique visitors to your website in search of more information.

When a press release carries a link to a sales page for a specific product, it can generate potential customer evangelists — in a matter of minutes.

Every new customer evangelist means more revenue in your business as a result of improving Customer Service.

To Successful Customer Service!