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Dreams – How to make them come true

Pursue Your Dreams

Each of us have everything we need to accomplish our dreams. The power to accomplish our dreams centers around making a focused effort, disciplining our thoughts and emotions and taking advantage of the opportunities that are always presented to us – once we decide to pursue our dreams – by taking action.

It begins by seeing things as we want them to be, instead of how they appear to be. Here is one of the best ways I know:

Any time I judge something as bad, or “not right” in my life (or others) I ask myself: Is that what you want? Doing this allows me to replace what is, with what I prefer, or what I think “is right”. As I do this, I can almost hear the Universe say: “Your wish is my command”.

Next, I develop a personal plan for achieving my dreams.

As I continue to follow my plan for what I would rather see or encounter, my life changes and brings me everything I need to manifest the new situations that I have planned for.

Imagine your Dreams

The biggest part of implementing such a plan is our imagination! It begins to show us ways to turn our dreams into reality. Continuing to visualize our goals triggers our subconscious to work toward making our mental pictures of our dreams come true.

To achieve your Dreams, vividly see yourself in them, every minute of every day.

If you falter or doubt at any time, simply ask yourself once more: “Is that what you want to happen?”

REMEMBER THIS: God a.k.a. “The Universe” is always listening and responding to your thoughts as if they are your prayers for what you want! Think back on your life with this in mind, and you might find some answers to why things have turned out the way they have!

Positive thoughts and actions bring Prosperity. Negative thoughts and actions delay it. So you have no one to blame but yourself if your dreams do not come true. Your thoughts are your destination.

Steer towards Your Dreams

Being aware that your thoughts and actions (each and every second of every day) are the rudder towards (or away from) your dreams,  – is all you need to make them come true.

To Your Success!

John Domzalski