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Considering Network Marketing? What is the Master of YOUR Mind?

Considering Network Marketing? Great! It’s the best decision you can make. However, you will have to work hard on your own mindset. It’s been said that the Mind serves best, that which is used most. So I’m curious… What do you use most? Is it your strengths, or is it your weaknesses?

Said another way, an old saying says “There are two starving wolves in your mind. A black one (fear) and a white one (love and success).  Only one can thrive. Which one?” The answer is: “The one you feed.”

2 Wolves in Network Marketing Mindset, which one owns you?

Network Marketing Mindset

EVERY Successful Network Marketing Entrepreneur will tell you that they keep their mind in check – that they are their own Mind’s Master. They only feed what they want to grow. So let’s hook you up with their ‘secrets’….

Your Strengths are  positive and encouraging thoughts, words, and deeds – towards yourself AND others.

Weaknesses however, are doubt, jealousy, judgment, worry…  fear!

Every time you fear, your mind says “Yes Master, your wish is my command”. And your fear gets a little closer to showing up in your life.

If you indulge in judgment, you get a little closer to personally experiencing that persons life, or that situation, that you judge!

So let’s start by ignoring all the hideous details of what fear is (hint: if you are not expressing respect and appreciation of yourself, or others, it IS FEAR!)

Network Marketing Mind Management

Instead of fear’s low road to despair, do these 3 steps to success:

  1. Create and maintain a continuous improvement program for your most valuable asset: your mind. Success in Network Marketing depends on this! This means that you spend at least a half hour EVERY day studying, thinking, and planning.
  2. Review your long, intermediate, and short-term goals, and measure your progress to date. Ask yourself: What do I have, who do I know, that can help me complete these goals?
  3. Define steps of action and then DO IT!

The BEST way to keep yourself on track is to follow the Ten Steps to Prosperity.

The Best Network Marketing weapon

Your mind is the most influential weapon known to man. Don’t let it turn against you by indulging in moments of “poor me” or “I can’t afford it”.  Because the moment you do, you start becoming poor, and you end up truly unable to afford – the network marketing home business success you deserve.

To Your Success!

P.S. HERE is Another winning Network Marketing mindset to consider!

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  • Karl E Bennett Jr October 18, 2013, 3:00 pm

    Well said! Controlling your thought life is key to enjoying success in MLM. In most cases the battle starts in your mind. If you can think it you can achieve. That old adage works both ways. I have learned that books, meditation, & PMA audio on a daily basis has helped me keep a positive thought life. Great article!