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How-To Get Lucky in Network Marketing

Network Marketing takes more than luck

There is an old adage you may have heard that says “Luck is where opportunity meets preparation”. But, is that really enough in network marketing?

Darren Hardy in his book “The Compound Effect”suggests there are some things lacking with that. I agree with Darren and so I wanted to share a little about the complete formula for getting lucking in network marketing:

4 steps to luck in Network Marketing

First, you need Preparation, that is; Personal Growth. When you consistently work at improving and preparing your skills, knowledge, expertise, relationships and resources – you are ‘ready’ to take advantage of ‘luck’ when it happens.

Second, you need Attitude! Truth is, luck is all around us but it is our attitude of belief, our mindset that can result in situations ‘going our way’, or having ‘luck’ (i.e. the right people) avoid us like the plague.

Third, Opportunity presents itself every day in network marketing, but if we haven’t carefully taken care to address the first two steps in earnest, we will never see ‘opportunity’. This kind of luck can not be forced, it is a natural occurrence that often shows up on its own, simply because we took care to do the first two steps.

Fourth step, this is where you come in… Action! As Darren says: “However this luck was delivered to you – from the universe, God, The lucky Charms leprechaun, or whomever or whatever you associate delivering your good fortune – it’s now Your Job to act on it”.

So basically: You should have now realized no more whining about how life has treated you, or how you’re not cut out for network marketing. Truth is, many many other people with more disadvantages and obstacles than you, are wealthier and more fulfilled – as a result of network marketing.

So stop hiding under your umbrella of caution, and let the rain of opportunity bless you with some ‘luck’ too.

To Your Success!


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