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Lucky, or Prepared for Success?

What makes someone Lucky?

With all the doom and gloom in the news today about the economy, I think it’s important to say there is no shortage of opportunity – if you are prepared…

And now more than ever, I hear people describe someone who succeeds – as “lucky”. Really?

Several successful people have told: “It took me MANY YEARS to become an overnight success”.

Lucky really means “Prepared”

Most people confuse those who prepare before an opportunity presents itself – as “Lucky“. In reality, Being “Lucky” happens as a result of simply being prepared enough so that when you meet opportunity – you succeed.

Preparation entails more mental and emotional work than anything else.

If you are not prepared,  you miss out – and someone else who was prepared becomes the “lucky one”.

In order to accomplish success we need to prepare our-self through self discipline focused on increasing our knowledge and developing our skills.

Lucky Way

The “Lucky” Way

When we have prepared in this way, we are always in the right place at the right time.

… and if you listen closely, you might hear someone calling you “lucky” as you walk upon the stage of success…

To Your Success!