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Why More people quit Network Marketing, than those who succeed

Network Marketing quitters

While it’s true in Network Marketing, it’s really true about anything. There are more people who quit, than those who succeed.

So doesn’t it make sense that with so many more quitters than winners, there is going to be more ‘reasons’ to quit something than to stick with it and succeed?

There is always going to be more negative information about your network marketing opportunity than positive information just because there are more quitters!

Who do you listen to about Network Marketing?

So when ever you are looking into a network marketing opportunity, are you going to listen to the ‘quitters’ who say it can’t be done, or are you going to listen to the winners who succeeded at it?

Never take advice from authors of books, posts or tweets who have failed at network marketing. Even worse, never listen to people who have never even attempted network marketing. Why are these people so vocal? They are resentful and do not want You to Succeed at what they failed, or never attempted. The success of others only proves their own inadequacies. They may claim that they only want to protect you, but ask yourself why would they care? In reality they only want to protect themselves from their own sense of failure, by preventing you from trying and then succeeding.

Network Marketing Success Experience

Instead of listening to the quitters, seek out those who are succeeding. There are several BILLION people in the world succeeding at network marketing! They are of tremendous value to you. Their advice is important to you because they know what is important and what is not important. If you hear something negative from someone who quit network marketing, ask someone succeeding in network marketing to explain it to you. They will be able to explain the truth of the situation so that it’s logical and unbiased.

There is a huge difference between someone who is successful at network marketing and someone who has been ‘educated’ about it. Just because someone was in network marketing for years and years doesn’t mean their experience is worthy, unless they have become successful doing it.

There are far too many highly educated Doctors and Lawyers who have passed their state examinations, but still fail at improving their clients and patients lives. Network marketing has these ‘experts’ too.

The only person you should listen to on any particular subject, is the person who has achieved the results you desire. In other words – if you want to succeed you should only take the advice of those who are succeeding.

It’s the easiest thing in the world for someone to tell you “don’t do it”. But what are they costing you, if you take their advice? Think about this: The most amount you’ll ever lose is the amount that you will never make. Here’s what I mean by that:

Let’s say you’re looking at a company that has people making a million dollars a year and all you have to do is invest $500 to get started. But you read a post on the internet from someone you don’t even know, who has never succeeded at anything, who tells you network marketing is a scam. You might think they did you a favor and saved you losing $500 but what you really lost was the income of a million dollars a year!

Beware the quitters. Lock arms with those who are willing to give you network marketing training so you can accomplish your dreams.

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