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In Search of MLM Canada?

Having challenges finding “MLM Canada” opportunities?

A major hurdle to locating a mlm Canada company stems from the lack of a central listing of these companies. Most MLMs operating the United States are also open for business in Canada.

The good news is we have scoured the internet and have found a number of resources you can check out to find the perfect company, product, service and compensation plan that seems right for you and your family.

MLM Canada – The Canadian Marketing Association

Want a clear snapshot of the direct selling industry in Canada? Then you might be interested in the Marketing Facts 2011 report put together by the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) by reviewing over 38 other industry sources.

If the numbers tell you a story, then you will absolutely be empowered by what you’ll discover in this massive compendium. Marketing Facts 2011 takes a look at the entire pie and offers a keen insight to how the marketing share is divided by industry, product, services and price.

MLM Canada and The Home Party Plans

A private-sector site, you can find a number of MLM Canada home party plan opportunities on www.DirectSellingOpportunities.com. The DSO also offers distributors and companies a chance to advertise within their directory for extra exposure.

For cosmetics, think Mary Kay. For skin care, think Avon. For scrape-booking kits and supplies, think Heritage Makers. These MLM Canada companies represent the best know “home party plan” names within the industry. There are dozens more.

The Best of MLM Canada – the Direct Sellers Association

Mlm CanadaPerhaps the most complete directory of active MLM Canada companies is the membership directory hosted by the DSA – the Direct Sellers Association in Canada. This was a treat to find and will certainly move your research efforts forward.

Unlike the CMA, the DSA offers industry specific news, statistics and links to various resources absolutely free to non-members and even more in depth information to members.

MLM Canada – Building a Business Easy

You narrowed down the choice and have finally picked a MLM Canada company to hang your hat on. So what is your plan now?

The key to getting your new business off to a fast, profitable start is marketing. It’s a simple, yet profound truth. The success of your new business will rise and fall based on how well you master marketing.

Marketing is the magic bullet that separate the winners from the losers in every business. Marketer’s make money. Hobbyist spend money. Make sense?

How do you intend to market your new business once you have exhausted your warm market, once you have introduced the opportunity and products to all your family, friends, co-workers and other business associates? What’s your plan to get your name, face and new occupation in front of the most number of people most likely to want to purchase your products, services or even partner with you in your new business?

Setting up an attraction marketing campaign is something to consider. Most advertising campaigns are costly. But, if you do it right, you can establish a powerful attraction marketing system cheap. Plus, if done correctly, is often far more effective. It is like having your cake and eating it to. Because attraction marketing is easy to set up, produces incredible results and is perfectly suited for network marketing.

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Image: Hal Brindley / FreeDigitalPhotos.net