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Who do You Think, You Are?

If you’re struggling with making ends meet and want a way out of it, think about reading this post. It will help you to see that you can control your life with a few simple (but not easy) changes…

Think about the types of People

There are only two types of people in life. So changing your life starts with answering these questions to find out which group you are currently in. Once you know this, you can start changing your future.

If You Think this way, you are in group 1

Do you believe that life is happening to you? (Things happen to you)
Do you let fear and past experience dictate what you do, or don’t do?
Do you think there is not enough of what you want to go around?
Do you always think “What does ‘it’ cost me?” when you encounter an opportunity?
Do you ever say “I can’t do it” when faced with a challenge?
Do you believe that Success is a matter of luck?
Do you usually think “I can do this, or I can do that, but not both” over things you like?
Do you believe that you have to work hard to make money?

If You Think this way, you are in group 2

Do you believe that You are happening to your life? (Things happen that You make happen)
Do you typically move forward in spite of past experience or fear?
Do you believe we live in an abundant world with plenty of what you want?
Do you think “How much money can I make from ‘it’’ when you encounter an opportunity?
Do you think “How can I do it?” when faced with a challenge?
Do you usually think “I’ll take both” when choosing between things you like?
Do you believe that your money should work hard for you?

What you Think, limits or unleashes Your Life

If you answer yes to most or all of the questions in group 1, You have some hard decisions to make. People in group 1 usually stay where they are. Life is pretty much always going to be just like it is right now. If your peers are also in group 1 it’s guaranteed. That is because your Peers predict your future. This is the average, where most people are, and most people think that’s ok – its safer. However, you want more, and the good news is: You can change everything.

If you answer yes to most or all of the questions in group 2, Congratulations, your life is full of possibility and opportunity. All you have to do is learn how to use those opportunities and you will be wealthy. By the way, group 2 questions show what wealthy people think and do. See the difference?

Your self-image creates your thinking. Your thinking creates your decisions. Your decisions create your actions – your actions create your results!

Average people see everything based on their past, and look for it to happen again. But, you can not move forward in your life while looking at your past. Doing so is like trying to drive down the interstate while only looking in the rearview mirror and it is guaranteed that you are headed towards a crash. Still, this group avoids risk, because failing is something they can not take a chance on.

Wealthy people know that every failure brings them closer to Success. They also know that the shortest path to success is following the guidance and training of those who are already enjoying the life that they want. They only take advice from people who are happier, and richer than they are! They model what they think, and do.

So here is the question “Who do You Think You are” and “Who do you Want to Become?

Please understand either choice is ok.  This is not about being right or wrong, it’s about being happy.

If being safe, avoiding risks, never making a mistake is the happiest place for you to be, then stay there and enjoy what you have now – knowing that it was your choice to remain average.

If you want more than what an average life can offer, if you want to decide what you do with your time – find an organization of wealthy mentors who will mentor you and guide you to achieving your dreams. While you wait for the changes to happen, ignore the Critics, they are not GooRoos!

To Your Happiness

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