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Success from a simple formula

A formula for Success

In 1908 a man named Napoleon Hill was assigned, as part of a series of articles about famous men of Success, to interview the industrialist Andrew Carnegie, one of the most powerful men in the world.

He discovered that Carnegie believed that the process of success could be elaborated in a simple formula that could be duplicated by the average person.

Success Formula of over 500 Men and Women

Andrew Carnegie himself, asked Hill to put together this information with only reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses to interview or analyze over 500 successful men and women, many of them millionaires, in order to discover and publish this formula for success.

As part of his research, Hill interviewed many of the most famous people of the time, including Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, George Eastman, Henry Ford, Elmer Gates, John D. Rockefeller, Sr., Charles M. Schwab, F.W. Woolworth, William Wrigley Jr., John Wanamaker, William Jennings Bryan, Joseph Stalin, Theodore Roosevelt, William H. Taft, Joseph Cac, Woodrow Wilson, and Jennings Randolph.

From this research, Hill would eventually publish a book revealing their formula for success called “Think and Grow Rich”. You’ve probably heard of this book.

a Requirement for Success

If you intend to be successful in your own home business, it is a REQUIREMENT for you to own a copy of this book, and to read it often… at least until you have grown your business so that it is providing you the income you desire.

If you do not have this book, don’t worry. You can get it for free.

Simply go to http://www.milliondollarbookshelf.com and register, and they’ll send you a free e-book.

Now, what you may not know, is that this book was only the teaser for Hill’s complete works called “The Law of Success” which contains ALL his research. I’ve just downloaded that to my Nook to read, so I’ll let you know about that later. You can get it from Amazon, and all the usual places. Keep in mind that Napoleon Hill’s works are public domain, so don’t pay too much for someone else to print it for you.

For now, no more excuses, Get Think & Grow Rich NOW and start succeeding!

To Your Success!