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Is there only static on your ‘Achieve Radio’?

Your Achieve Radio, broadcasts what you think

The only thing that stands between you and what you want from life, is simply the will to pursue it and the faith to believe that it is possible.

You can have anything on earth that you want, once you mentally accept the fact that you can have it.

If you want success, begin thinking of yourself as a success.  The feeling of being successful has to come first.

If you have a deep inner conviction that you will always have all that you need, if you actually feel prosperous, it will be so.

Only your mind sets your limits. It is constantly broadcasting what you believe you deserve, it is your ‘Achieve Radio‘. This ‘Achieve Radio‘ is constantly broadcasting to God, the Universe and everyone around you – telling them what you believe you deserve to achieve. It’s like your constant prayer of what you want, and you get exactly that.

Achieve Radio Static

If your conscious intention conflicts with your sub-conscious belief of what you deserve, your ‘reception’ will be limited to static and chaos.

Any thoughts of self-doubt (from your conscious or sub-conscious mind)  will eventually result in the proof that your doubts are correct.

How to program your Achieve Radio properly

Work every day on accepting the desires of your heart. When you see something you want – Tell yourself: I deserve that! Do this every day, and feel it – mean it!

When you do this, your ‘Achieve Radio Reception’  will improve!

All the best!