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Is it really worth risking success?

Success starts with your state of mind

Your mind is an incredible complex marvel that handles all aspects of our day to day lives. It’s a lot like electricity.

You know how to use electricity to illuminate your home, power your computer and perform hundreds of necessary tasks. But do you understand the complex process that causes electricity to be able to do all these things? Probably not…

If you don’t have Success…

Your mind is the same. Even though no one fully understands the brain, we do know that when we use our mind in a certain way, certain things happen. So, if the things that you want to create are not happen, go ahead and accept that you are not using your mind in the proper way.

Here’s the Secret: Think positively, and you will achieve positive, successful results. There are no shortcuts here! Just one negative thought about that jerk who cut you off in traffic, and You begin to limit your success!

Ask the most successful person you know about it. Ask them if it was a positive or negative reaction to their challenges which led to their success. I dare you! They will all say that being positive about their abilities, their situation, their life – is why they are successful today. The most successful leaders will tell you that being ‘right’ never led to being successful for very long.

Being ‘Right’ costs you Success

Is it that important to you to be “Right”? REALLY?! I would rather be Successful, than Right…

It’s your choice. Take a look at your results, then discipline and manage your mind accordingly – and you will achieve success!

To Your Success!

John Domzalski