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Do people who have college degrees make more money?

For most of my career, I’ve heard people ask me: “Do people who have college degrees make more money?”

Benefits of College Degrees

Let’s see what ‘They’ (The Govt.) say about it…

According to the Census Bureau (on average), the statistics for college graduates compared with other education levels are as follows.

During an adults working lifetime:

  • High school graduates – $1.2 million
  • Bachelors degree holders – $2.1 million

According to ‘them’, college degrees are earning average college graduates around double the amount as high school graduates, again showing the advantage of getting a Bachelors degree.

They go on to cite other reasons for going to college apart from financial statistics.

They say:

…the benefits of going to college don’t necessarily show up in the earning statistics.  People who go on to do higher education tend to be healthier and a generally more rounded person than someone who has just got a high school education.

For students coming from a less wealthy background the large cost of going to college can seem daunting for themselves and their family. The statistics for college graduates do clearly show that investing in the students own future can pay off dividends in the future, both in monetary value and in social skills and pleasure.

Ok, enough with the government sponsored curriculum for creating nice little employees with college degrees

Other facts say:

College Degrees Fail?

…that there are millions of Americans holding high level college degrees that are out of work! In other words, they are not headed toward the multi-million dollar income that the census cheers about!

I personally know several people who never considered the lore of college degrees, barely finished high school and went on to build a home based business and are now receiving 5 figure incomes every month! It didn’t happen over night for them. Some took 5 years to succeed. Others, took 18 years to become an overnight success. But it happened for some other reason than the college degree that they didn’t hold.

So what’s the real key to success? It’s not college degrees (although those can help). It’s not being an employee for a big company (although SOME people make money doing that too).

The key? It’s very simple: The key is YOU. What ACTION are you taking to Create the lifestyle, the financial future that YOU want?

Lessons from College Degrees

Don’t get me wrong. I went to college. Loved it. Learned a lot, except how to be an Entrepreneur. I had to learn that from my mentors who came before me. I recommend everyone do their time in college to learn how the employee system of ‘just getting by’ works, and if that’s for you, great!

The future of the world economy will be forged from the growing number of Entrepreneurs who are taking action now, and not waiting for another government handout to save us all.

Take Responsibility and ACT! Make a difference in your life, and the world – that’s how you make money.

To Your Success!

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  • Samantha Arriaga August 7, 2011, 9:39 am

    Great stuff! I’m debating about going back to college at all or just stay put and focus on my business.