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Dangerous Minds

The Influence of Dangerous Minds

Experts in human behavior have discovered that it is almost impossible for an individual member of a group, to remain unaffected by other members. Likewise, the group itself is only as strong as its weakest link.

It is virtually impossible for the entire group to raise itself to higher levels of achievement than that of it’s weakest member. The only way to exceed the potential of the group as a whole is to break out of it.

Dangerous Minds are all around us

These valuable lessons can be applied to all relationships – not just family and personal but also business as well. This is especially true when you work at home and may have limited contact with others. Having a successful home business requires that you surround yourself with others who maintain the highest level of mental outlook and expression.

Keep away from those who are afflicted with the mental sickness of constant negative thinking. A mind that is ill with negative attitudes is more dangerous than a diseased body, because it’s “sickness” is always contagious.

The cure for Dangerous Minds

Associate with happy, positive, productive people. Your time is an asset to be managed more carefully than your money; spend it with people who share your desire to succeed and your commitment to maintain a Positive Mental Attitude so that Dangerous Minds will have no influence over your future.

To Your Success

John Domzalski

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