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Network Marketing Scam, or Prosperity for All?

Network Marketing Scam in 1982?

So when I first started out in Network Marketing, was back in the day of Amway. It was a great company, just not what I wanted to keep doing. I did well by it – in 1982 I was making an extra $1000 a month part time in Amway. I did it the old fashioned way, and just wore myself out, and eventually quit out of exhaustion. The internet wasn’t around, so I didn’t have anyway of knowing how to do it differently. But the key point here is that it wasn’t a network marketing scam, I just wasn’t trained right.

Network Marketing Scam Avoidance

Looking back, I’ve seen a lot of possible scams come to my attention, all of which I avoided out of a gut feeling that it wasn’t for me.

Network Marketing Scam education

With the internet has come good and bad, especially with network marketing scams. My advice to you is to learn the facts. Two websites stand out as your best place for researching network marketing scams.

Npros.com is the longest running and most comprehensive resource and index of home based business opportunities on the Internet. For over 10 years, Npros has been providing information and resources on home based business opportunities, products, and the executives behind each company.

MlmWatchdog.com is another good place to check on network marketing scams. They seem to be really in touch with the baddest of the worst network marketing scams.

To YOUR Success!

P.S. Click HERE if you want to see something that is NOT a Network Marketing Scam!