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Home Based Business Owner, Do you have a sales page?

Home Based Business Problem #2

Ok, you might think this is too obvious, but not so. It should probably be Problem #1 in why home business owners don’t succeed online.

Problem #2 (or perhaps it should be called ‘Problem 2 obvious‘) is this: You don’t have a sales page.

Marketing your Home Based Business

Your strategy for marketing your home business online is to drive traffic to your sales page — this is the whole purpose of your online presence. Without a sales page, you have nothing to link to and no home for your product.

Home Based Business mistake

In other words: No Sales Page, No Sales!

If that is you, CONGRATULATIONS! You now know what to do next… right? (hint: Get a sales page!)

To Your Success!

P.S. Your Home Based Business should make you money right? This one makes money while having Fun doing your own thing!