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Are you Decisive, or is Indecision limiting your success?

Indecision will kill your success

Indecision creates the worse kind of paralysis and, left unattended, can permanently damage the success of you and your organization.

When you are having trouble making decisions, it is usually because you’re afraid that you’ll make the wrong choice and create an irreversible “situation”. In reality, there are very few choices that are irreversible, and every so called failure eventually leads to success.

Success demands Action!

people who achieve success are decisive. They don’t agonize over decisions. When you agonize over decisions, you miss out on opportunities for the very success you are seeking.

Those who know success, gather the relevant information, discuss alternatives with advisers whose opinions they respect, and then make a decision and get on with it.

Success burns bright from failure

So Remember this: Thomas Edison “failed” over 1,000 times to perfect the light bulb, before he succeeded. When Edison was once asked about it, he said: “I didn’t fail, but I do know over 1,000 ways you can’t make a light bulb!”

So, like Edison, If you later discover that you were wrong, correct your course and move on. Sooner or later you will have a “bright idea” that will burn brightly with success!

To Your Success!