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Get Network Marketing Success from 20 Prospects a day

A Network Marketing Prospector

Ken Dunn is a 7 figure earner in the Network Marketing industry. When you ask Ken what’s his secret, he tells you: “Prospect 20 people a day”. Ken has done this for the last 6 years, and continues to do it every day!

Wait, What?!

When I first heard that I thought “No way”! But I gave him the benefit of the doubt and said tell me more. I hope you will do the same…

The Definition of Network Marketing Prospecting

So how do you do that? How do you prospect 20 people a day for your network marketing business? First, you have to re-define what you call “prospecting”. In this new, highly productive paradigm of prospecting for leads, you simply connect with people.

There’s an old saying in network marketing of “ABC” which means “Always be closing”. This ‘old school’ technique usually results in people closing their mind, and their door – to anything you have to say. It’s selling, and no one likes to be sold. But, everyone likes to buy, and they Love to buy from someone they like.

In the ‘new school’, “ABC” simply means “Always Be Connecting”. Instead of running around living the “3 foot rule” of Closing, you simply connect with people in a friendly, non-invasive way.

A good example of connecting might be this: You are standing outside a restaurant waiting for the valet to bring you your car, and you’re standing there with someone else.

To start connecting with them, you might say something like “Great night tonight. A perfect ending to a perfect meal don’t you think?”. Say this with a big friendly smile on your face – make them feel good. If the person just looks at you and says something dull like “I guess so”, or “Uh huh” – they just disqualified themselves. You don’t want that person in your network marketing business! But, if they respond with a hearty response and even ask about your meal, your car, and so on – they are a great candidate to consider for doing business with. You “Connect”, with a true desire to make friends. Be the natural friend maker. Look for other natural friend makers.

If you’re not sure how to make friends, I recommend you read “How to make people like you in ninety seconds” by Nicholas Boothman. It’s a good primer into the science of relationships.

That imaginary connection above, counts as one “Prospecting” encounter. Wasn’t that an easy way to find the right people? And how long did it take? Do that 20 times a day, and you have prospected 20 people a day.

Network Marketing Rules of Connecting

The first rule of Connecting: Never talk about your business until you get on a phone call that you make to them. If the subject of your business comes up, get their phone number and call them the next day to talk about it. If not, get your new friends phone number so you can talk more. Business should never be discussed on first contact. People do not go out to get propositioned or sold something, they go out to relax, meet interesting people (like you) and to have fun (with interesting people like you).

The second rule of Connecting: You can’t do it sitting in your house! You have to get out among people, in order to connect with people! Fortunately, Facebook provides an alternative to this, but face-to-face connecting is still the best way to find your next business partner.

“Prospecting”, is really “friend making”. The secret to growing your business is making friends every day.

To Your new friendships!


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  • Steven August 15, 2012, 10:04 am

    Great article. Relationships will always work since people will buy from someone that they know or trust as opposed to someone who just wants to pitch a product.