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Network Marketing Devils Advocate, or Satan’s Fool?

Network Marketing Doom Sayers

There seems to be a lot of people who feel it is their duty to play “Network Marketing Devil’s Advocate”.  These Doom Sayers seem especially focused on the home business arenas of network marketing and online marketing – even though they have no real world experience in it.

While it’s true that a certain amount of discretion is needed in any business decision, Pessimism will only pull you down to its lowest level. Instead ask these questions:

Network Marketing Tests for Success

1. What are the leaders accomplishing in it?
2. Is that something I desire to accomplish?
3. Are the leaders available to show me how to follow their success?

Three steps, that’s all you need to do. Keep it simple, and keep out of the ditch of despair by avoiding pessimistic network marketing judgment!

It’s a slippery slope into failure when someone spends all their time searching for weaknesses in apparently good ideas.

Why? Because in the end negative thinking always produces negative results. Look where you want to go. Look at the Network Marketing leaders, and you too can go where they are. Pay attention to step 3 though – those are the real leaders, who earn real success.

Stop blaming Network Marketing for Others limitations

Your mind works tirelessly to translate your “consciousness” into its physical equivalent. Ask yourself right now: “What are You Conscious of?” Your Consciousness INCLUDES your sub-conscious too! This is why some people who walk around saying positive affirmations, and smiling, still fail to succeed, their own sub-conscious mind is filled with negativity and resentment.

Network Marketing Flass Half Full

Pay attention to what you see around you. It sounds corny, but it is very powerful to ask: Is the glass half full, or half empty? Your Perceptions about everything you encounter sink into your “Consciousness” at the sub-conscious level and stay there, until You clean them out.

Just as your mind will work tirelessly to translate your positive thoughts into their physical equivalent, it will work equally hard to create negative results when all of your thoughts are negative.

Keep this in mind: Anything you are resenting, will continue to be re-sent back to you, for as long as you are resenting it. Instead of resenting something, be grateful that it is over, and move on – away from it as fast as you can!

The quickest path to greater success in network marketing is personal development. This is also the greatest way to increase prosperity and reduce lack. The greatest path of personal development  is simply Gratitude. Wake up every morning, and go to sleep every night – expressing gratitude for the day’s success.

It’s your choice. For me, I’m grateful for your future success!

To Your Success!

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