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5 steps for getting results in Network Marketing

When someone first gets started in network marketing there’s usually some part of them that feels like they don’t have enough credibility to present their business to others. So I’m often asked how they can overcome this.

The only way I know of, for increasing your credibility is by getting results. Now, when I say results – that doesn’t necessarily mean successful results. Hearing ‘No’ is a necessary part of any business. Every ‘No’ you hear, can bring you closer to those who will tell you ‘Yes’.

Getting Network Marketing Results

  1. Talk with people – In order to grow your business, you have to find those who have more desires than excuses, and show them that you can help them to fulfill their desires. When you hear excuses, it might be a sign to talk with them later, or not at all.
  2. Help people – As soon as you learn something helpful, share it with everyone. As you see others succeeding, ask them how they did it, and share that too. Being helpful builds relationships which is paramount for success.
  3. Be trustworthy – Simply follow through on everything. If you can’t do something, let everyone know when you will do it. The root word of trust, is ‘us’. Keep everyone informed, and be dependable – this builds trust.
  4. Increase your knowledge – The more knowledge you have in the area you are advising or suggesting about, the more influence you will have. So know everything you can about network marketing, your product or service, and your company.
  5. Increase your results by repeating steps 1-4.

Network Marketing Credibility

A key part of credibility is self-belief. Do not allow others to weaken your self-belief. Step away from the doubt devils.

Network Marketing wisdom

If someone needs credibility before they will listen to you, just contact them later when you have more results from your network marketing business to ‘impress’ them with.