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Blogging can increase Your Success!

Blogging helps to create a community of users. It is perhaps one of the best ways to build long-term relationships with prospects and customers.

Many people start a blog, just to make money blogging. But keep reading and you’ll see it’s much more than that!

Blogging builds relationships

More importantly, A blog makes it possible for you to connect with your entire community of customers as if you were talking to each client in person. Visitors feel that they belong to the online community that grows around your blog.

Blogging for Customer Relations

Blogging needs to be the core of your customer relations strategy. Here are four reasons why everyone in network marketing must blog:

Branding—The Worldwide Web is a highly competitive marketplace. A blog puts your ‘face’ on your Internet business. By engaging visitors in online dialogues, blogs establish rapport and build relationships with visitors. Blogging helps you separate your product or service from the competition.

Feedback—A blog is an ideal tool for gathering feedback from prospects and customers. Blogging creates the opportunity for instant feedback. A blog thread can tell you more about your customers’ desires and needs than all of your expensive and time-consuming marketing surveys.

Word of mouth—Blogs create word of mouth by giving readers useful information and tips. When your blog helps visitors solve real problems, people will tell their friends about you. Every prospect who reads your blog can become a volunteer marketer for your Internet business.

Search engine optimization—Content is the key to search engine ranking. And it’s easy to update the comments in a blog. Search engines detect the activity and give your site a higher ranking.

Social media sites illustrate the popularity of online communities. Sites like MySpace and YouTube are enormously successful because they provide a space where people can connect and share experiences.

Blogging connects Customers to You

When customers feel connected to your online community, they return to your site and tell friends about it. Once you have a community of users who are excited about your product, you have the opportunity to create a niche market around them.

Invite your customers to submit their own video testimonials to publish on your blog or website. When other users comment on video feeds, a thread gets started.

You’ll be amazed at how threads can engage the hearts and minds of visitors. Soon you may have a viral video that reaches millions of potential customers.

To Your Success!

John Domzalski