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How to Create Jobs with Starbucks!

We hear it in the news every day – this country needs more jobs!

‘They’ say 9.1% of the U.S. labor force is unemployed. But that number doesn’t tell the whole story. The real number rises to 13.1% within the Hispanic community, and 16.7% within the African-American community. Their number does not take into consideration the people who have stopped looking for work. It is a number that affects every one of us, which can be reduced! We can all rally against this number to make America the place that we all know it can be!

Where Jobs come from

Fact is; community businesses create lasting jobs. Government Jobs and hand-outs are poor solutions.

Community businesses employ over half of all private-sector workers. And have created more than 64% of our new jobs in the past 15 years. The problem is, today more than one in three community businesses say they can’t get adequate financing to fuel their enterprises. And that financing squeeze is stifling their potential for growth! But together – we can change all that. It starts with You…

There are over 7,000 Starbucks stores nationwide and every single one is participating in this solution! They are located in communities all across the United States, and staffed by partners that are an integrated part of their communities. You have the Power, to make a difference!

Create more USA Jobs

Starbucks is teaming up with Opportunity Finance Network (OFN), a group of community lending institutions set up to provide financing to community businesses that want to create more jobs. Together, they have created the “Create Jobs for USA” fund. This fund, invests in opportunities that benefit low-income, low-wealth and other disadvantaged communities across America.

They support urban, rural and native communities – with a 98% repayment rate! In other words, 98% of the businesses that they help – are Succeeding! This means that 98% of these businesses can now create more jobs! When was the last time the government was 98% effective?

Here’s how You can Do Your Part:jobs

Your $5 can create more Jobs

Go to CreateJobsForUSA.org and learn more. True Power to Change, comes from Knowledge. Next, Visit any Starbucks store and purchase the “Opportunity wristband” for $5. That’s it! Your $5 instantly enables a $35 loan towards much needed capital for community businesses to create USA Jobs!

You can Do This! You can now, Feel Good about being an American again…. Empower Your Country, and You Will Empower Yourself!

To Your Empowerment!
John Domzalski