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If you want to be happy, read this post. I’ve recently discovered the actual scientific formula you must follow if you want to be happy. And if you don’t want to be happy, this will tell you why you’re succeeding at it…

What Science says about Being Happy…

Today, what’s called Social Scientists have a formula that anyone can follow for being Happy.

The formula is simply this: H = S + C + V.

  • H = Happiness of course.
  • S = “Setpoint” in the brain.
  • C = Conditions of living.
  • V = Our voluntary choices and actions we indulge in every day.

Your SetPoint is 50% of what makes you Happy.

So what is “SetPoint”? This gets determined early in life – the first 3 -4 years of life. The scientific name for what creates this is called “mirror neurons” which means these neurons “mirror” those people who you were around when you were 3-5 years old.

Most of us were raised in an environment of “every situation is a problem”. So if every situation is a problem, you are not happy. Fortunately, this can be changed through awareness, self reflection, quieting the mind and asking yourself “Why am I seeing this situation as a problem? Am I sure this really is a problem?”.  The mindset of this “set point” determines about 50% of our existence, or how much we are happy!

Now the conditions of our living is simply material surroundings, it contributes about 10% to being happy. If you are extremely poor you’ll be unhappy. But get this: If you are extremely rich, you are  more likely to be unhappy. Not that extreme wealth makes you unhappy. But anyone who gets obsessed with money as a way to measure happiness, will not be happy.

You can be Right, or You can Be Happy

So all that leaves us with the choices we make every day, making up for 40% of what makes us happy. There is only two choices that make us happy – those choices for personal pleasure and those choices for fulfillment. Both choices can make us happy, but choices for personal pleasure will make us happy for only a short time.

Fulfillment can come from Expression of Creativity, or the betterment of a company or group. It always centers around accomplishing a goal. Ask yourself “What choices can I make today that will create the fulfillment of a worthy goal?“.

happyThe easiest way to be happy is simply making choices where the goal leads to the happiness of someone else. Your goals can be selfish, but as you become good at that, your goals become centered around making friends and family happy. As you become good at that, your goals become more for community. As you become good at that your goals become global.

Accomplishment of any goal can make us happy, but accomplishing goals for the greater good, creates a greater feeling of ‘happy’ that becomes very satisfying.

You must be Happy first, before you can truly be Successful

One last thing the Scientist won’t tell you: You can not become truly Successful, until you are first Happy. I’ve talked with Tony Robbins and other successful multimillionaires and they all told me the same thing: They had to become Happy, before they became Successful…

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There’s one simple thing about all of us, that is reflected in great leaders skills. It is something, you may be surprised to learn. Regardless of the size of your team, they need for you to know this. Read on to discover it.

Back in the Paleolithic era, homo sapiens quickly learned, the only way to survive danger was by working together. That need for safety, is still prevalent today and is the best kept secret in a true Leaders Skills.

Leaders Skills start with “us”

Since pre-historic times, humans were designed to work together; that’s what we do. We can be really good at looking after others when conditions are right for it. Looking out for each other becomes a sense of ‘us’, and trust is forged from that. Indeed, the root word of trust is us.

People feel safe, when they know the person to their left, and the person to their right – would protect them . In business and in life, we face ‘danger’ every day. Feeling safe, we become empowered to make remarkable things happen. True Leaders, know this and work to promote it throughout their team.

Top leaders know that promoting the top 10 percent and ignoring the bottom 25 percent will only destroy their organization. This is because no one feels safe in that kind of environment – there is no sense of ‘us’.

Great Leaders Skills Examples

Leaders Skills
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When becoming a leader, The First step in developing a leaders skills is to create a feeling of ‘us’. You must prove in your actions that you serve us, which we respond to by being happy to serve you. In this way you create trust; you create a sacred circle of safely.

Unfortunately, most corporate CEO’s fail miserably at creating the proper circle of safety. They all say that they care, right? But their actions often prove otherwise. For all their credentials, they lack the most crucial trait, in leaders skills.

Often, a CEO puts the circle of safety around senior executives, and no one else. You see this when the board gives their CEO a raise, at the same time that they go about laying off thousands of employees, except for the top level executives who are protected in the circle of safety.

An extraordinary leader will extend the circle of safety to the outer edges of the company, even out to loyal customers. They are willing to do without, so that their people are safe. When leaders put the welfare of their people first, their people are willing to do anything to see that their leader’s visions are advanced.

So you see, Leaders go first. They take pay cuts first, before anyone else. They are the first to take action, on whatever they are asking their people to do.

Great Leaders Skills inspire action

If you’re a new home business owner, looking to build a team to lead, how do you start building that team? It begins with your “why”. People don’t buy what you do, they buy why, you do it. Why you do something, is your Belief. When you find people who believe like you do, you inspire them to action.

To “US”

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