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10 Steps to Prosperity

Prosperity in everything You Do!

Prosperity can be achieved in everything you do. Regardless of whether your goal is success in network marketing, or simply to create more health the following steps will get you to it.

Step 1. Make sure of your goal! This is the most important step of all for prosperity – Don’t do something to please someone else. Make your goal something that you want!

Step 2. DON’T call it a goal. Why? Harvard Medical School has determined that the average person will not reach 70% of the goals they set for themselves. Because most people who set goals never attain them, their sub-conscious is pre-wired to believe that they will never do it, and so their sub-conscious is actually working against achieving their goal!

Promise yourself Prosperity

So what to do? Good news: Harvard Medical school also determined that when a person makes a promise they accomplish that promise 98% of the time. So don’t set goals for yourself, make promises for prosperity.

Step 3. Clearly identify your Promise. Describe your promise in great detail so your sub-conscious will be well equipped to help you fulfill your promise.

Step 4. Use all the leverage we can. People in our life are our greatest leverage tools for motivation and inspiration. They can be positive or negative. People who cheer us on can be great inspiration. However those who doubt us or degrade us can actually be motivations to accomplish great things. When someone tells you that you can’t do it, write their name on a 3×5 card and look at it whenever you doubt yourself. Keep them in mind as you “show them” that they were wrong about your ability to achieve prosperity!

Step 5. Create a Prosperity Promise Plan: Decide how are you going to fulfill your Promise by answering these questions:

What is your Promise?
When will you accomplish this?
What is the date of your Success?
Where will you be when this happens: On stage receiving an award? On a magazine cover?
Why did you make this Promise for Prosperity?
Who’s help do you need to accomplish this. We all need help. Identify who will help you in your quest for Prosperity.
Don’t worry about how. You aren’t smart enough yet – to know how. As you focus on the “Why” and the “What”, the “How” will present itself just at the right time for you to act on it.

Step 6. Review your “Prosperity Promise Plan” on a regular basis for at least 20 minutes a day.

Step 7. Tell yourself that you will succeed! Stop putting yourself down and don’t allow anyone else to do it! Make a recording of every success in your life and listen to it often. Nothing is more powerful than telling yourself the truth about yourself. The voice inside of us is the most powerful voice we have. Use it FOR your Success.

Step 8. Tell others about your promise. Success requires commitment. Telling others increases the risk, it increases the commitment level. If you tell them, they may be able to help you. Or, maybe they will tell you can’t make it. If they do, use them as a negative motivator and write down their name on a card. By telling others what you want to do, you learn how to articulate your promise. By giving precise instruction to your subconscious mind you help it to manifest what is needed to fulfill your promise.

Step 9. Envision the results before it happens. Practice taking action in your mind. Do it so much, that you become confident that you will fulfill your promise. Michael Jordon practiced shots so much in his mind that he was able to shoot from the free throw line with his eyes closed and sink the shot. In the second game of the 1997 championship, the Bulls are down by 4 points. Michael is fowled. He steps up to the free throw line, closes his eyes, takes the shot and it’s in! Because he had practiced so much in his mind; on and off the court, he was able to do that. Tiger Woods does the same thing in Golf. You already do this with worry, so now start doing it for your Success and Prosperity.

Prosperity is grown from Action

Step 10. DO Something about Your Promise! None of this will help you, unless you DO something about it! Fear of repeating the past can prevent us from doing something, but you can never know what is going to happen until you do it! Headlights on a car at night only reach 200 ft at a time, and yet we drive hundreds of miles at a time only seeing 200 ft ahead of us at a time. Success is the same way, Do what you can seeing only as far as you can, and you will get there.

It doesn’t matter what you did yesterday. The only thing that matters is what you are going to do next to create more prosperity…

To YOUR Prosperity!

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